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Brooklyn Brewery Presents: Highasakite

Of all the ways to enjoy music, a free show with plenty of beer is hard to beat. Join us as we bring the noise to Debaser Medis and rock until the small hours of the morning. We'll be partying all night with the soaring sounds of Highasakite, infectious pop of Maria Andersson, smooth beach rock of Jonas Lundqvist, and a few more friends who we trust to put on a fun, frenetic show. The bars will be stocked with Brooklyn Brewery beer for all, so get in, grab a cold one, and get ready to rock out.

Highasakite will release their second album Camp Echo on Friday, May 20, bringing a new wave of electronica-soaked music to listeners fell for the band's debut LP Silent Treatment. The band was not content to rest on their laurels-- including two Norwegian Grammys and raves from the U.S. to Australia-- for their new album. Instead, they've created an instrument-driven experience exploring the realities of living in and understanding the post-9/11 world (Camp Echo is one of the seven internment camps at the infamous Guantanamo Bay compound.) Their arena-ready sound and overwhelming empathy have made them into one of the must-see acts of this year and years to come.


Maria Andersson released her first solo album, Succession, on Friday, April 29. Her smooth, soaring voice and jangly pop sensibilities made her a legend as the frontwoman of the Sahara Hotnights, and her debut promises more soul-brightening, dance-ready tunes for all to party along.

Jonas Lunqvist has been a pillar of the Swedish guitar rock scene since his first band, Bad Cash Quartet, effectively started the movement. Today he brings together years of touring and his mellow, beachy pop to create deceptively catchy riffs and songs that will stick with you long after catching one of his shows. For all Lundqvist has already done for the Swedish music world, it's clear that he is no where near done with bringing musical joy to the masses.

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