Tour Dates

The 2016 Mash Tour

Every year when the Mash season comes to a close, we take stock of what we’ve accomplished, thank the heavens we’re still alive, and immediately go about figuring how to do it all better. This year, we’re reimagining the basics of celebration: The meal. The beer festival. The bar crawl. The concert. There’s no sense in settling for only what’s expected.

So it’s not a beer dinner. It’s Dinner with Friends: An indulgent, full-menu, choose-your-own-culinary-adventure that showcases the prowess of Chef Andrew Gerson and some of his closest chef friends as well as the versatility of beer in its rightful place at the table.

It isn’t a convention center full of plastic jockey boxes. It’s Beer Mansion: A labyrinth of immersive experiences for guests to wander and engage with a world inspired by the spirit of our favorite beer styles.

There’s no crawl parading from one tasteless yellow beer to the next. There’s Neighborhood Immersion: An adventure kicking off at a one-day-only saloon and store of our own making, and a self-guided tour of a dynamic neighborhood via a trail of bars, restaurants, and shops.

And it’s not just a concert. It’s a Free Show, enlisting our buddies at Timberland and Paste to party with some stellar on the rise acts.

Still, it’s not taking itself too seriously. It’s a party. This is the invitation. Come out, grab a beer, and get to know us. Get to know our friends, and bring yours. It’ll be fun.

London: May 11-15
Stockholm: May 26-29
Chicago: August 11-14
Philadelphia: August 25-28
Paris: September 14-18
Washington, DC: October 6-9
Boston: October 13-16
Austin: November 3-6
New Orleans: November 17-20

Feast your eyes, ears, mouth and nose on the new, the novel and the reinvented. The Mash brings you a smorgasbord feasting, dinner parties, shows, and exploration, all featuring humanity's favorite beverage.

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