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Mar 01 - Nov 22

Being Brooklyn Brewery: The 2014 Mash Trailer from Brooklyn Brewery on Vimeo.

Collaborating with friends old and new, we've bundled up some of our favorite events into The Brooklyn Brewery Mash, America's largest traveling food and arts festival. The Mash is a week of parties, comedy, concerts, pop-up supperclubs and readings, all featuring humanity’s favorite beverage in 12 American and European cities. 

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A Word From Your Producer
Brooklyn Brewery plays an important role in building community in New York, and has done so effectively for the past 25 years by supporting cultural institutions, sponsoring local organizations, and cultivating artists of all stripes. We’ve selected a dynamic group of Brooklyn partners to come on the road with us for a week-long beer, food, arts and culture series to celebrate the “best-of” 10 national cities and 2 international cities in 2014. This year's focus is to shine a light on emerging talent from our neck of the woods and yours.

The Mash tour will feature Steve Hindy’s forthcoming book "Craft Beer Revolution" as the centerpiece of a public discussion with the brewing leaders of each city we visit, held at a local brewery. This year we're amping up our comedy programming,  highlighting Brooklyn comics with local opening acts and outrageous VHS clips with Found Footage Festival. Returning with The Mash in 2014 is Nuit Blanche New York who are curating video art from four Brooklyn artists at Mash Bash. And throughout each week, we'll present culinary classes, plenty of beer programming and a local apparel collaboration designed to bring you something familiar and something new. 

In addition, we will be working with partners we picked up in our inaugural year. It’s exciting to have Twin Cities-based Dinner on the Farm as one of our official partners, as well as New Orleans-born Dinner Lab. These new relationships illustrate our national network and the impact the Mash has on organizations around the country. The whirlwind week wraps up with a closing party featuring the sounds of some of our favorite bands (Speedy Ortiz, The Men, Delicate Steve, O'Death) plus openers from your town. 

The core of the Mash is collaboration. What we are doing stands apart because we ask the question, “what matters to you?” Our approach lends itself to an inclusive creative process that makes people excited and passionate about working with Brooklyn Brewery and attending our events. Brooklyn Brewery Chef Andrew Gerson has been a leader in collaboration and has dreamt up menus with dozens of chefs around the country. Already, we've broke bread with countless new friends. We're excited to do so again on the second year of The Mash.

Of course our goal at Brooklyn Brewery is to brew and sell the best beer we can. But, we also work to help local businesses we believe in get exposure, give artists and authors a platform for their work, provide chefs with new ways to experiment and make a ton of friends to plot and plan with in the future. We'd like for you to join us in these endeavors.


Meg Stemmler
Brooklyn Brewery Events Producer

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