The Tour 

Brooklyn Meets:

Washington, DC


Mash Bash with The Men, Passing Phases & Heavy Breathing

Rock & Roll Hotel
1353 H Street N.E, Washington, DC 
Tickets: $5

At the end of the day, The Mash is a festival. And what festival is complete without a soundtrack? Certainly not this one. That's why after a full week of feasting on good food, expanding our minds at panels and classes, and filling our bellies with delicious brews, we celebrate our last evening in town with a Bash; a Mash Bash. We're bringing everything we find exciting about the Brooklyn music and arts scene out for one night in an explosion of sound and color. There will be a local food truck on hand to fill our bellies and plenty of Brooklyn cans at the bar to throw at the acts we find lackluster.

On stage in DC we're bringing together Brooklynite punk rockers The Men, as well as hometown favorites Passing Phases Heavy Breathing. Expect to sweat. A lot.

The Men, yes, “The,” are a four-piece post punk outfit from Brooklyn, NY. Their catalog, which began in 2008 with a hand-dubbed self-released demo cassette, has grown to include two LP’s — We Are the Men and Immaculada — two more tapes, and a 7-inch. They have toured three times, played over 75 shows and have grown a following of die hard fans crowding into living rooms and basements throughout the five boroughs, desperately trying to see them.

Passing Phases is a rock 'n' roll band from Sterling, Va. They've been playing shows in the DC area for three years and have have one full length LP and one 7", both released on the Arlington based Cricket Cemetery records.

 According to DCistHeavy Breathing "does not spare us any weight—their heavy riffs borrow from kraut rock, punk and metal, and the band occasionally sounds like they've been dragged through the sludge. However, the keyboards and canned vocals all sound inspired by a Saturday night radio dance party. The result is something unlike what we've heard either inside or outside the Beltway."

 In short, The Men are utterly life-affirming and incredibly exciting to watch. Live, like their recorded output, they swerve wildly from and between abrasive noise punk, Neil Young country-tinged rock, wild psychedelia, melodic grunge and everything in between. The Men pay no heed to rules. -

The Mash Bash will also feature video art from Brooklyn-based artists like:

Molly Surno (Lives and works in Brooklyn and Los Angeles), an installation artist that works in film & video, sculpture, sound, and photography.
Jeremy Couillard (Lives and works in Brooklyn), who works with algorithmic models to simulate natural phenomena, and who received his MFA from Columbia 2012. 
Jacob Ciocci (Lives and works in Brooklyn), an American visual artist, performance artist and musician. Along with sister Jessica Ciocci and friend Ben Jones, he is one of the three remaining founding members of Paper Rad, an artist collective.
Tara Sinn (Lives and works in Brooklyn and Atlanta), an artist based in New York City. Her work includes videos, installations, and web-based animations.
Jason Tschantré lives and works in Brooklyn as a video artist and 3d projection mapper. With Nuit Blanche New York, he's created immersive video art environments for Red Bull Music Academy, Kickstarter Film Festival, Brooklyn Night Bazaar, and the Onebeat Music Festival. 


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