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Brooklyn Meets:

New Orleans, LA


Craft Beer Revolution with Brooklyn Brewery, Abita, NOLA

NOLA Brewing
Tuesday, April 1, 7pm
3001 Tchoupitoulas St, New Orleans, LA

Twenty-five years into running one of the top craft breweries in America, Brooklyn Brewery co-founder Steve Hindy looks back with his fellow craft beer comrades to discuss the circumstances and ambitions that allowed a handful of individuals across the country to challenge one of the largest corporate dynasties in American history. They'll also look ahead to the future of good beer and talk about the challenges and opportunites that lie ahead for American craft beer.

Steve's new book, The Craft Beer Revolution, tells the story of hundreds of groundbreaking breweries and how they fundamentally changed humanity's favorite beverage. Throughout 2014, Steve is hitting the road to discuss the industry he loves with the local craft beer leaders of every city The Mash visits.

Joining Steve in conversation are your New Orleans heroes of brewing:
Kirk Coco, CEO of New Orleans Lager and Ale Brewing Co.
David Blossman, President, Abita Brewing Company
Mary Wiles, Technical Director, Brooklyn Brewery
Moderator Mark Burlet, New Orleans Craft Beer Examiner. 

To start the conversation early follow @SteveKHindy on Twitter.

Samples from all three breweries will be available, including Hammarby Syndrome & Sorachi Ace from Brooklyn.

Craft Beer Revolution Reviews

“The craft beer revolution, the most exciting development in the beer industry since the birth of lager beer in the 19th Century, now has its chronicler.  Steve Hindy tells the story as only a skilled journalist and an important player in the revolution could tell it.  For decades going forward, this will be an important book for those who want to understand this transformative business story.”  - Daniel Bradford, Publisher, All About Beer magazine

“Steve’s position in the craft industry puts him in a unique position—he both grew alongside it as an owner of Brooklyn Brewery and helped steer its course as an active Brewers Association member.  He very accurately depicts the craft revolution’s highs and lows and the camaraderie, challenging to maintain at times, that underlies it all.”  - Ken Grossman, Co-founder and CEO, Sierra Nevada 

“Balance.  It's a desired trait in the brewing world. That perfectly comforting zone created through the interplay of hops and barley. Steve Hindy has found the equivalent space as a beer-journalist-slash-brewing-pioneer in his book The Craft Beer Revolution. Combining entertaining doses of craft brewing history with approachable descriptions of the brewers art and the fearless exploration of these entrepreneurs who changed the face of American brewing. A delicious and session-able read.”  - Sam Calagione, Founder & President, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

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