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Wait, so what’s going on inside Beer Mansion?

Beer Mansion is a multi-room celebration of beer, art, music, beer, technology, beer, surprises, beer, community, partying, and beer one more time for the folks in the back. At its core Beer Mansion is a beer festival, but with an endless array of bells, whistles, substitutions and things that go boom. Enter and explore rooms filled with unlimited beer samples, local food vendors selected at Eater, a revolutionary bite from Brooklyn Brewery Chef Andrew Gerson, and plenty more ready to surprise you around every corner. We don’t mean surprise in a scary movie way--we don’t want you to spill your beer.

Why is Beer Mansion taking place inside an underground train station/old auto shop/tremendous warehouse? This isn’t a mansion!

To the literal mind, yes. But Beer Mansion delights in taking our particularly unique spin on beer bashes and putting them in spaces that can be explored with just as much interest and intrigue as what’s in your glass. All of the Beer Mansions this year caught our eye for being fun, and unexpected. You’ll see what we mean when you get inside.

Which beers will be available inside Beer Mansion?

Beer lists will change in each city, so be sure to check your city page whenever you’re having a tough day and let our updates cheer you up. We’ll be bringing some of our favorites, carefully cellared classics, and new experiments for you to try. We’ll also be calling on local breweries in each city to pour their beer and hang with us. And keep your eyes open-- you might find a few secret bottles in the corners.

Will there be any other liquor or beverages served inside? I have a dietary restriction/I’m not a “beer person.”

There may be samples of other beverages inside, but beer will be first, foremost, and just about everywhere.

What is Eater doing here? And what about Garden of Eatin’ and McClure’s Pickles, and the rest of these fine purveyors listed on the poster?

Glad you asked, old-timey prospector! Just like it takes a whole team of superheroes to take on interdimensional invaders, we’ve called in a few of our friends to add even more power to Beer Mansion. Eater is bringing in carefully chosen local food vendors in each city. As for Garden of Eatin’, McClure’s Pickles, and the rest, you’ll have to come inside and see what they’ve prepared for you.

Can I park at Beer Mansion? Do you think I should rent a luxury car to fit in with the vibe?

Our Beer Mansions may offer parking in different cities, but we highly recommend using mass transit or a rideshare system. There’s going to be heaps of beer to try, and we want to make sure everyone travels and parties responsibly.

Do I need to take my shoes off inside Beer Mansion? I don’t want to soil your fine rugs.

Please keep your shoes on. They really tie your look together.


I’m in! Where do I buy my tickets?

Select your city on the gold bar at the top of this page or from our home page, select your night, and you’re all set. Remember, ticket prices will rise as we get closer to opening the doors, so check back often and try to snag yours during the Early Bird ticket window. We’ll see you at Beer Mansion.

What’s included in the ticket price?

Your ticket gains you entry to Beer Mansion, a tasting glass, and unlimited beer samples until the lines run dry. You’ll also be able to play with your food alongside Brooklyn Brewery Chef Andrew Gerson, learn about the intricacies of beer from our inimitable Miss Gabe Barry, enjoy live music, and probably take home some other prizes, goodies, and giveaways. Food will be available for separate purchase from local friends curated by Eater.

Is there a difference between the Friday and Saturday events? Should I come both nights?

We might swap a band or two, but otherwise each night will be the same. We recommend coming to just one night, but if you’re inspired to double up, we say go for it.

I’m saving up to buy a full set of game jerseys from the seminal sports classic Space Jam. Is there a way to get discounted tickets?

Each city will feature discounted Early Bird tickets for sale until about a month before Beer Mansion or while supplies allow. Get them while you can, as these tickets will move quickly.

I am usually "that friend." How late can I buy tickets? Can I purchase them at the door?

We recommend buying tickets during our Early or Regular Bird periods, but our Tardy Bird tickets will go into effect about a week before Beer Mansion if supplies allow. Tickets will also be available at the door if we have any left. It is likely that Beer Mansion will sell out, so grab yours early or check your city page or our Twitter for up-to-date sales information.

I know it says you have to be 21 or over to attend Beer Mansion (18 or over in applicable cities), but I just want to see the bands/visit the comic book vendor/bring my kids/tote my baby/search for hidden treasure. Can people who aren’t of age still enter Beer Mansion? Due to licensing regulations, we cannot allow anyone not of legal drinking age inside Beer Mansion. Please check our site and social media for links to all the bands, vendors, and food partners so you can catch up with them outside Beer Mansion.


How did you choose these cities for the Mash? Did you start in Brooklyn?

Each city on the Mash is a city where we have deep personal connections to the people, the beer, the creative community and the energy of the city overall. It’s a tough list to narrow down, but we’re confident that the cities on this year’s tour are the perfect places for Beer Mansion to appear. While Brooklyn is our home, this is the first year we’ve unleashed the Mash on our own borough and we’re very excited to have it as part of our tour.

How did you find this local brewery/shop/band/artisanal basket weaver/local mage to be part of Beer Mansion and the Mash? And when will you be back in town? I want to come again/I have a small business or brewery that wants to get involved!

Most of our partners on the tour are friends or friends-of-friends. Beer is a very friendly world, and you meet lots of cool people on the road. We like to bring those people into events like Beer Mansion so we can show off their work and drink beer with them. As for when we'll be back, watch for our next tour announcement in late winter. You can also sign up for our newsletter or reach out through our Contact page to stay in the loop and possibly join the Mash next year.


My buddy said that he tried something incredible called a “Ghost Bottle.” What is a Ghost Bottle? Are there any in Beer Mansion?

Ghost Bottles are our experimental R&D beers. They represent hours of tinkering with recipes, tons of testing, months of barrel-aging, a handful of hunches followed, and a healthy dash of pure luck. They’re never for sale, but yes, some Ghost Bottles may be found in Beer Mansion. Keep your eyes open, because these bottles may never be seen again.

I just tried a new beer in Beer Mansion, and it was more important than the first time I fell in love. Where can I buy it?

We know the feeling. For beers from us, try using our Beer Finder. Remember, Ghost Bottles are never for sale, so you’ll have to wait for another big bash from us to try and find them again. For beers from other breweries, check out their websites and track that beer down. A love for beer is a mighty love indeed.

Where do I hear about more events like this?

Beer Mansion and the Mash Tour is a yearly event. Sign up for our newsletter and keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest news. We also throw plenty of other parties, dinners, festivals and oddball events throughout the year. Stay tuned and we’ll keep you informed.

I’m planning to visit Brooklyn soon. How do I visit The Brooklyn Brewery?

For full details on stopping by our Williamsburg home, check out our Visit page. You plan the trip, we’ll keep the beer cold.

Alright, I think I'm ready.

We'll see you inside Beer Mansion.

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