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Brooklyn Meets:

Pittsburgh, PA


Mash Edu: Homebrewer Edition

Copper Kettle Brewing Company
557 Greenfield Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15207
Tickets: Free with RSVP

Homebrewing: the art of conjuring magic in liquid form. Most brewers get their start with a humble homebrew they concocted in a small kitchen or garage. Hobbyists across the globe have been pushing the boundaries on the methodology and science of what it means to brew a beer. In every city the Mash stops in we are partnering with the home brew shops and collectives that are doing their best to spread the good word of beer. We'll be having seminars and walkthroughs by experienced professional amatuers on all the trials and tribulations of home-brewing. Whether you are a learned veteran with more brewing equipment than living space or this is the first time beer has ever sparked your interest, this is the event for you.

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Homebrewers, we're spending all Saturday swappin' bottles at @whipin. Come by & share your best. #AustinMash

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