The Tour 

Brooklyn Meets:

Pittsburgh, PA


Mash Edu: Beer & Spice, Making Nice

Marty's Market
2301 Smallman St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Tickets: Free with RSVP

Perhaps you've just been turned on to the art of pairing beer and food. Perhaps you're an old hand at joining together the world's most versatile beverage and your favorite dish. Either way, Brooklyn Brewery Chef Andrew Gerson will impart some of the knowledge he's picked up while touring and collaborating with some of the most exciting chefs in the U.S.. 

Chef Andrew will present four bites and four beers, explaining what to look for when creating a pairing. The flavor focus of this installment of Mash Edu is spice. We'll look at different spice stalwarts and show you how to find their mates. Learn about the interaction of herbs and spices and how they complement your favorite beer styles. You will leave ready to impress your people with your new found knowledge of the finer things in life!

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