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Timberland Presents: The Lone Bellow

Join us and Timberland for a free concert in the historic walls of The Joy Theater. We'll be partying with the soul-stirring, foot-tapping sounds of The Lone Bellow and the genre-bending Americana of The Rad Trads all night, and all of the bars will be stocked with plenty of Brooklyn beer. We're taking care of all the planning-- all you have to do is RSVP and let us know you're coming.

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The Lone Bellow blends Southern roots, New York influences and globe-trotting stories into a seamless presentation of heartfelt, harmony-driven music. The band's unique vocals and astonishingly versatile musicianship provide a lush platform for their deeply personal and uplifting lyrics. Be prepared for the power of their three-part vocals and incredible live show.

The Rads Trads have quickly become one of New York's most celebrated live acts, blending soulful American styles from early jazz to New Orleans brass, R&B, blues, and rock 'n roll. With powerful horns, a propulsive rhythm secion and hard-charging lead vocalists, it's no mystery why so many audiences have been won over by their scorching live shows and warm, welcoming records.

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