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Brooklyn Meets:

New Orleans, LA


Dinner on the farm with Chef Andrew Gerson & Chef Eman Loubier

Grow Dat Youth Farm
150 Zachary Taylor Dr, New Orleans, LA
Tickets: $65

Our jam-packed week of culinary and cultural happenings gets off and running with this agrarian dining escape. Through roaming culinary events, Dinner on the Farm works to connect people back to the land and to the farmers and artisans who are making our communities a better place to live. Our mission is pure, but don't worry, at its heart, DOTF is a laidback late-afternoon barn party. There will be lots of deliciousness, interesting neighbors and enough beer for all.

Chef Andrew Gerson (Brooklyn Brewery) and Chef Eman Loubier (Dante's) have developed a menu that takes advantage of the urban bounty of Grow Dat Youth Farm. The result is a family-style feast bringing together farm-raised produce, local artists, Brooklyn beer and a community interested in all of the above.

We first hooked up with Dinner on the Farm's Monica Walch while producing last year's Slow Supper in the Twin Cities. She has since joined our colorful cast to create unique local food experiences designed to celebrate farms, chefs and food entrepreneurs who are dedicated to good, sustainable food for the 2014 tour.

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As a child, Dante's Owner & Chef, Eman Loubier learned old school, hands-on kitchen techniques in his grandmother, Anna's, kitchen. Whether called on to be a human mixer, (creaming and blending ingredients by hand for a batch of cookies or cake), or to perform food processor duties; (chopping ingredients in a wooden bowl with a curved chopping knife), Chef Eman was held to high standards by his grandma. That was just how things were done to make the dishes the right way. He followed a New Orleans career path that took him from several respected casual restaurants to Commander's Palace, where he held the position of chef de cuisine. With the opening of his own restaurant, Dante's Kitchen in 2001, Eman has focused on highlighting local seafood and produce, prepared with honed skills in the casual setting of a 130 year old barge board creole cottage. Dante's Kitchen has gained recognition for its commitment to local farmers and pushing the envelope of modern creole cuisine.

Brooklyn Brewery Chef Andrew Gerson brings to the table ten years of culinary experience as a cook, educator and activist. As a graduate of the University of Gastronomic Sciences (Pollenzo, Italy) and an active member of Slow Food, Andrew supports local food systems in communities across the country. Hired by The Brewery in 2013, Andrew demonstrates and embodies Brookln Brewmaster Garrett Oliver's philosophy on beer and food. Chef Andrew also has powerful hands. Come see what they can do.

Grow Dat Youth Farm's mission is to nurture a diverse group of young leaders through the meaningful work of growing food. Young people work together to grow fresh, organic food for their community. They sell 60% of the food they grow, and the remaining 40% is donated to people who otherwise could not afford it. Through the meaningful and challenging work of farming, "Grow Dat" youth develop leadership skills that enable them to transform their communities. In Fall 2011, Grow Dat Youth Farm moved to its permanent four-acre site in City Park. In January 2012, twenty youth were hired to put the first acre of land into cultivation, growing 10,000 pounds of food that year for the community. Visit to learn how to volunteer your time or donate.

 "One of the things that makes Dinner on the Farm truly special is that it really manages to capture that classic romantic feel. You can easily hunker down on a blanket with a significant other and just take in the scenic farm view or you can bring the entire family for a good old-fashioned community-style get together."
-- CityPages, Minneapolis 

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