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Timberland Presents: Cults

Join us and Timberland for a free concert at the legendary Royale. We're going to be partying with the sun-soaked rock of Cults, the dreamy indie pop of Frances Cone, and plenty of Brooklyn Brewery beer behind the bars. We'll take care of getting all that set up. All you have to do is RSVP and let us know you're coming.

Cults formed in New York City when singer Madeline Follin and guitarist Brian Oblivion met in their mutual indie punk scene. The group's sincere garage-inflected sound and prickly, ear-catching melodies have won legions of fans ever since. They've been touring incessantly after releasing their self-titled debut in 2011 and the acclaimed Static in 2013. Now, it's your turn to join in the fun.

Frances Cone is a four-piece indie band hailing from Brooklyn, New York. Their wistful, earnest lyrics and fuzzy riffs will pull you in and warm you from the inside out. The relatively young band has released two full-length albums and an EP in just three years, feeding their fans and blessing the world with a flood of their music. Keep an eye on this group.

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