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Grab your friends and come witness what happens when Brooklyn Brewery Chef Andrew Gerson and Chef Hart Lowry unite in the kitchen of Hojoko for the night. The combination of Chef Andrew's international influences and Chef Hart's irreverent and irresistible take on Japanese food promises to be a menu to remember. Experience it the way we like to go out: a flock of different rare and intriguing beers on the table, a continuous stream of new courses to try alongside them, and companions to share notes with. Check out the menu below and get your tickets now.

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Welcome Beer: American Ale

First Course:
Spicy hamachi with tobanjan sauce, myoga, scallions
Robata grilled shrimp with shiso salsa verde, minced meyer lemon
Shiitake tempura with truffle salsa, moromi, fried garlic
with Sorachi Ace and Lacto Futura

Second Course:
Tuna Poke with kimchi paste, house kimchi, nori, sesame seeds
Tsukemono with seasonal pickle/kimchi selection
Black Edamame with sea salt
Blistered shishitos with pepper emulsion, black vinegar, and citrus
with The Discreet Charm of the Framboisie and Yokai

Third Course:
Crispy clams with dashi-pickle tartar sauce and lemon zest
Brains on Crack: crispy calves brains with Hojoko XO butter, bonito flakes, and zest
Karaage fried chicken with ginger soy marinade and lemon
with Serpent and Galahad

Fourth Course:
American Wagyu short rib with gochujang and Hojoko green kimchi
Foie gras potstickers with black vinegar dipping sauce
Whole prawns with spicy momiji-ponzu butter
with K is for Kriek and Defender IPA

Black Ops Float

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