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Travel is all about happenstance encounters. Here's one of my favorite.

I learned a while back that a great way to learn about the local beer scene when you travel is to get in touch with an area home brewing group. So I was excited that the Brooklyn Brewsers were having their monthly meeting when we were finally bringing the RV to NYC to visit my brother.

A couple of days later they replied to tell me the meeting was being moved because a member had arranged a tour of Brooklyn Brewery that day. I was a little bummed until he said we could join in if we wanted. 
Brooklyn Brewery was already at the top of our hit list and we were able to street camp a few blocks away. 
When we showed up there were about 40 local home brewers waiting to get a behind the scenes look at the brewery’s operation only to find out that Garret Oliver himself would be giving the tour. 
Whoa. This is like crashing a private tour of the United Center and Michael Jordan decides to show you around.

After the tour Garrett treated his home brew guests and tour crashers to some of his private stash, dubbed “ghost bottles”, that aren’t on the market. Some were experiments while some were made for specific events and collaborations. Each beer had a story and it was fascinating to hear the creator talk about the circumstances behind each of them.

Being an excellent story teller, Garrett had everyone's attention and while we sipped rare gems of fermented goodness not a single person felt the need to check-in a beer or tweet about the great fortune they had. We all just enjoyed living in the moment.

We ended the night thanking the Brooklyn Brewsers and Garrett for letting us join them and went on our way ecstatically grinning ear to ear for the opportunity we had just happened to stumble upon. 
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The Brooklyn Brewery Mash is a week of parties, art, comedy, screenings, pop-up supperclubs and lively debates, all featuring humanity's favorite beverage. This traveling festival has inspired collaborations around the world that have brought countless people, food, beer, entertainment and joy. This year the Mash tour will travel to 8 American and European cities.

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